Friendster Nostalgia

friendster-sad-logoJust stumbled upon friendster while browsing the net, I guess I don’t have much to do. My last shout out  in friendster was about a year and a half ago, that was  at the same time I got introduced to facebook.  I’ve been a member of friendster since December of 2003. That was 7 years ago, myspace is not yet a hit,  so as facebook, all are into friendster.

I still remember the time when teens pile up in internet cafés to check their friendster accounts, upload photos, send messages to their friends, add friends, add friends of friends and post testimonials. Testimonial was a hit back then. When someone post a testimonial for you, more often than not, you’ll post a testimonial back.

Friendster started social networking in the Philippines, it dominated back then. Now, there is facebook, there is twitter, and many others. But friendster is still there, a couple of people still visit from time to time. I still see recent shout outs from my friends, and friends of friends. Some still post recent photos, some still add friends, but most stayed idle. Their last post or shout out dated a year and a half ago or so.

Most of the time, it’s sad to say goodbye to something that have been there for quite some time. Things change, people move on. It’s is never a bad idea to look back at what we were before, because surely there are memories to laugh at – and it’s a good thing.

I might visit the site again, when? I don’t know. But I surely will, because there are times when nostalgia all of a sudden kicks in… OK.